Iwata: I really get the sense of it starting up smoothly. But ever since we settled on the development concept for Wii, the two of us have constantly stressed to the development team that we should be aiming for a three second load-up time. We haven't got there yet though, have we?

Miyamoto: Not yet. It takes longer than I thought it would to go from the Channels to the Wii Menu, or from one Channel to another. It bothers me a bit that it's slower than the time it takes to flick between channels on a TV. I really want to get working on making everything faster when the system is updated. But even now, when you compare it to the load-up time on a computer, it's extremely fast, but I'm still not completely satisfied. If we could just get it even a little closer to the speed of flicking between channels on a TV...

Crack open that whip and get'em Engineers hackin'!! You know you want sub-3 seconds boot time!!! You can't be comparing it to a friggin PC!!??? Don't look below you, look up!!! C'mon, Nintendo!!!!

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