Eternal pursuit of knowledge...

I'm kinda sick of not having any content here. The reason is, of course, that I can't find time to sit down and organize my thoughts to really write the content. Yes, it's a lame excuse, but the only one I can give really. So while you're waiting (if you are) lemme just list my interests here as bullet-points so that you can at least strike a conversation with me if we share a common interest. :)

  • Highly decoupled/modularized/hierarchically decomposable software component architecture
  • High performance asynchronous runtime platform
  • Light-weight real-time distributed graphics rendering architecture that scales from embedded devices to Workstations.
  • Separation of logic, interaction constraint, layout, style and information
  • Distributed systems in general (peer to peer and mesh networks being the buzz word these days)
  • End user usability with concentration on API design and software engineering methodologies (developers can be end users, too, ya know)
  • Information architecting as in organising the patterns in data, making the complex clear not as the trendy Webpage usability enhancing technique
  • End-User innovation

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