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Community Support Project
    Hacked Greymatter [ gzipped source ]

    A hacked Greymatter distribution (a rather hastily prepared one, I must admit) that lets users make categories, save keywords, allow commentors to save their identification, search within any category, and browse any category. However, this project is no longer being actively maintained for I have lost interest in further pursuing the use of Greymatter as a content management system. It seems like the nice people at Greymatter Forums are doing the supporting if you need some.

    Ment-O-Matic.NET for ASP.NET [ SourceForge ]

    UPDATE: v1.0.2b - (9/28/2003 05:20:00)

    A very easy to install ASP.NET based commenting system for web logs such as Blogger that let readers comment directly on your site. Can be fully customized with the use of CSS and XSL. Uses DSN-less connection to store comments in a access database file. Features include being able to remember commentor information, auto-parsing of URLs inside comments, and e-mail mangling as an anti-spider measure. Refer to the enclosed README.txt file for more info. A Brinkster test bench has been set up.

    Ment-O-Matic for ASP [ SourceForge ]

    ASP based commenting system for web logs such as blogger. Features include ease of localization, fully skinnable using XSL and CSS, delete comments, no need for DSN, and remembers commentor info. This package, however, is superceded by Ment-O-Matic.NET shown above.

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    Egg Land (tentative title) [ TBA ]

    Details are to be unveiled at a later date.

Shell Enhancements

Automation Tools

    pyDox 0.2b [ script ]

    Using python docstrings and internal parsing info this script automatically generates a simple text-based documentation of the script source code.

    pyDox 1.0b [ gzipped source ]

    Using the inspect module, pyDox grabs all neccessary information about a python module to generate an XML-based documentation of it. Enclosed CSS and XSL files can be used to transform the XML document into XHTML for viewing on a web browser.

    If anyone is interested in creating an XSL that will transform the XML pyDox produces into Docbook format, please lemme know (my e-mail is embedded inside the image on the top right corner of this page)!.

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Computer Graphics

Contest Entries

Javascript Project
an attempt to create useful / compact / reusable cross-browser Javascript APIs
    HTTP Loader API [ script ]

    Object for loading a URL (from the same domain) and retrieving the content via HTTP using Javascript. Mostly used for so-called remote scripting needs.

    Form Validator API [ script ]

    reuseable framework for doing form field validation.

    QueryString API [ script ]

    Object wrapper for doing client-side QueryString processing.

    Cookie API [ script ]

    Object wrapper for doing client-side Cookie manipulation.

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VR Worlds
These were created with the help of bunch of other talented individuals

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