So I'm trying to understand more about electrical engineering. I found myself constantly desiring the knowledge, so I just had to find an excuse to motivate myself. I failed to blog about it, but I started this off by fixing my broken drum machine which had a cracked board (just had to use a bit of solder to "jump over" the crack and let current flow. It was a quick 15 minutes job with Jeff guiding me. Now I'm all cocky, of course. =) I'm basically looking around my home for things I can either fix or modify... *SMIRK*

The first obvious choice was my PS2. I have a PS1 and a PS2. PS1 is a Japanese import which is meant to allow me to play all the Japanese games I have (which is a lot). The problem is that the console is dying a slow death. So I want to mod my PS2 so that it can do everything the PS1 can do. =) I purchased the duo GT3 modchip and I'm taking 30 minutes or so a day getting it isntalled on my PS2. So far the hardest part of the whole deal was opening up the damn PS2. -.-;. Here are some photos of the process so far. Got lots more to solder!

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