Can't say that I'm completely satisfied with the quality of presentations I've been able to attend, but then again, it's only the first day... As a matter of fact, it looks like there are some interesting presentations at the CI 2005 conference which is co-hosted at the same time in the same location. What I might do later is attend some of their sessions where they talk about AI-related stuff that sound interesting (not that I have a deeply rooted interest or understanding of AI, but "Framework for Executing Computational Intelligence Over Distributed Embedded Nodes" just sounds sooo much cooler than "Load Balancing Grid Computing Middleware", naw mean?

As for my presentation, I think it was decently received, but the audience size was pretty damn small and I didn't get many questions... so I either completely butchered the presentation or they were in need of some serious caffein (You see... I was the first guy to present in the conference). I did get to capture my presentation in video format, so I'll try putting it up when I get back. A'~~~ighty, this fro-sportin' geek is gonna go back and try to blend and schmooze with the l33t professors of the world now. ;)

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