I think we all live in a world of illusions. I don't mean this in the typical sense of societal/political illusions (i.e. marketing, propaganda, etc...). I mean that more in the sense that our brain is prone to errors when it comes to modelling the world perceived by our senses. Well, perhaps they're less "errors" than "bias", but that's the general school of thought I tend to lean towards.

One of the biggest of illusions I tend to experience on a regular basis is the false sense of certainty. More simply put I always tend to think that I know better than I actually do. This is an ongoing process, it seems. At any given moment in time I'm pretty sure about the conclusions I have made. Not because I'm arrogant (at least I try my best to convince myself as such), but because I feel I've spent enough time thinking about it, gathering others' thoughts and experiencing real world examples. Classic examples include how I thought I knew better than my parents when I was in highschool. ;) But, every once in a while something so simple yet profound happens, a paradigm shift if you will. Then it just hits me *SLAM* and I go "Man, I really had no clue back when I had arrived at that other conclusion, eh?" =) I have to say that it's very liberating. It's downright fun to feel those things. I just wish it would happen more frequently so that I would stop making stupid decisions based on those false assumptions. =) But, alas, that seems to be the way people learn. Make mistakes, feel it deep down, and evovle that much. And, yes, If you were to tell me that whatever knowledge this entry is based upon may also be debunked in the near future, I would agree with you 100%. But, hey, I kinda enjoy this short duration of certainty, so leave me alone. =)

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