It's Friday, and I think I've finally settled back into reality... *SIGH* heh heh, I thought it would be pretty difficult to return to reality after living the Hawaii life for nearly a week, but apparently it's quite doable. ;)

Hawaii was... amazing. The violent gush of wind blowing through my hair while riding down the never ending highway of US19 in a Jeep wrangler with the top down.... Ahhh.... I can still feel it... I've experienced the vast landscape of inner-mongolia, but the road to Kona had such a beautiful backdrop that it actually looked fake. A truly breath taking scene, the most professionally captured panorama can't do justice! I did intentionally plan this trip a lil less to control my usual tendency to want to do every possible thing when I venture into unchartered territories. The motivation for being less organized was primarily due to the amount of stress I had been under prior to departure. I just needed a break from everything. From music, math, work, people, etc... everything. Perhaps I needed a time to shed the shell and let the new thicker skin reveal itself for tougher times to come. Who knows... I think I sort of succeeded, but the organized side of me obviously wishes that I had planned it out more so that I could have done more. Blah, you loose!

So, the reason why I was in Kona was for Moon's, one of my very close friends, wedding. I have to say that this was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Outdoors by the ocean under the Hawaiian sun. I guess the part I really wish I would have been able to do is talk more with Moon and Kenichi. Especially Kenichi since I really don't know him very well, and he is getting married to a very dear friend of mine whom I care dearly about. I'm just comforting myself by saying that Moon and Kenichi would have been busy with the wedding planning anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to spend time with them. I didn't even get a chance to have more conversations with SungHwa's boyfriend, Meng. I'm not sure if I have an excuse for that... I was probably too caught up in relieving my own stress to spend quality time getting to know the people my friends are dating. Although I've managed to convince myself that there will be another occasion, I can't help but think I'm a selfish bastard.... To make matters worse I'm starting to feel extra bad about not being able to make it to Boram's wedding. I got your invitation, man... I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it... And this isn't something I can brush off as saying that there will be another chance... Argh... But, most of all, I really wish Moon and Kenichi will live happily ever after!!! Marriage is a vow to make it your highest priority to pour your love to your beloved partner, and that's a pretty big step to say the least! I'm so happy for you, two!! I hope I can see you guys soon... Awwww.... heh heh!!! Stay healthy!!!

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