Taeko has given birth to a lovely daughter Haruka Chiba! Born on March 24th, 10:46PM 2.81kg! Let's see who else is on their way to growing up... Oh yeah, unlike me, my highschool friend Albert is really engaged! Congrats to all my beloved souls who have taken one additional step towards completeness!

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That was really fun... keh heh heh heh! I think I got 95% of you guys. ^0^ Now I feel like the ultimate attention whore.. mua ha ha ha!

For those of you who didn't get it. No I'm NOT engaged. It was an April fool's joke. So do keep me on your short list of eligible bachelors, please. ;)

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I... AM..... ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know... I have kept it on the down low for a long long time. It's time, though, to announce it to my dear beloved friends. ;) Yup, I'm finally engaged!!! You're probably like "Huh? I didn't even know you had a girlfriend!" Well, you're probably not the only one thinking that. I never knew I could keep a secret for this long, but apparently I can. -.-; Who's this unlucky girl, you ask? Well, her name is Neela, a Pitt graduate who now works at UPMC. No, she's not Corean, and that's part of the reason I've kept it under wraps for such a long time. I'm still not sure how my parents are gonna take it, but I'll be finding out pretty soon. heh heh... Am I happy? Hell f'in yeah!!!! More details to come, but I'm thinking marriage is imminent. Within the next year is quite likely. Not necssarily because my parents are breathing down my neck, but I really think it's time. How hard has it been to keep it this down low? Very very very hard. But, finally the cat's outta the bag. =) Please don't flame me too much!!! C'mon~ you're happy for me, right? ;)

Well, I'm sure you guys are all curious as to what she looks like, so here are some photos of my Neela: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, and finally Photo 5. Enjoy!

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When going gets tough, it isn't uncommon that we find ourselves seeking ways to get around the problem by just flying away. Maybe that's why human beings are so infatutated with the ability to fly? Looking up into the sky, gazing at the birds that seem so... free, so burdenless.... Is this jealousy? But, we're just human beings so full of flaws... we're quick in our attempt to justify our superiority by making a list of things that we posses that they don't. But if we believe that to be true, why don't we ever seem to be satisfied with whatever it is that we have? When do we draw the line bewtween being genuinely deprived, seeking necessary improvement, and being greedy? Are we all ultimately dragging our sorry asses in an eternal pursuit to satisfy a bottomless bucket intended for some need that may or may not have any social bearings ( the way money, status and fame do )? If things are tough because of our own desire to fill this bucket, then how is it that we can ask to be comforted by others with a straight face? Are we just that shameless? Yet friends are quick to lend their helping hands to us. How nice of them. At least we're doing our part in satisfying others' desires to be helpful.....

I obviously woke up on the wrong side of my bed today.

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