For the past Oscar weekend, I had made 호떡 (Ho Dduk) for an Oscar pot-luck. It was a smash hit, babyyyyeeee! Well, people were being extra nice because they hadn't eaten anything I had cooked before. ^^ Another menu item added to Chef Slim's list! ;) w00t! w00t!

If you want to make your own, follow this instruction. Pictures of others making 호떡 here. The art seems to be in making the dough real soft... I didn't quite get it right, so after some time the dough hardened... If you compare mine in the picture above and the one in the picture on the linked page, it's quite clear that their dough was a lot softer... oh, well... better luck next time! =)

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For better or for worse, I have been deeply immersed in a boat load of math for the past three months... Mega weirdos with equally pedantic names like curvature flow, Laplacian encoding, Jacobian, conjugate gradient, Newmark integration, Newton iteration, and backward Euler have entered into my life and have been giving me a rough time... Anyway, thanks to all this math, I've begun making exclusive use of pencils to aide in all asepcts of my [insert intelligent and cool-sounding noun form of hand-writing] well-being. I'm not sure if this is a handicap or not, but I find it really difficult to do math with a pen.... Call it a pet peeve, or some psychological malfunction originating from my childhood, but I just don't feel comfortable when I'm using a pen to solve something.... Does anyone else feel the same way? Oh, yeah, and does anyone find themselves grabbing a hold of scrap paper, folding it nicely in half (vertically) so that you can solve your equations step by step without wasting a whole lot of space? Or is that just the weird ol' me? -.-;

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