I think it was when I turned... er.... twenty... six? Yeah, sumpin' like dat... Yeah, *nod* *nod* should be pretty close. Maybe a lil ealier... So yeah, I think it was around then when my parents started to age in reverse. Yeah, reverse, ya know... the time when the child becomes the parent and have to start making sure that their parents are eating the right things, getting their excercises, etc... ya know... I thought this only happens in the movies, but ish actually happens, man... ohhhh yeah... it sure does.

So today as I was shopping for stuff to take back home, I checked up on dad to see if he has finished taking all the vitamins I had gotten for him this past summer. His adorable response was something like... "Well, I take it once in a while."... Uhmm... Dad, they're vitamins, not cold medicine... -.-; Then his excuse was somthing along the lines of how overdosing on vitamins can be bad. Well, no shit... What medicine is good when you overdose on'em??? My dad clearly thinks he's superman...

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Last week when I was down in Reston gnawing off some dead roasted turkey legs, I managed to scare off my nephew Joon Young. I mean, So Young, the 1 year old daughter, wasn't scare of me at all, but this 3 year old boy would routinely mumble "daddy" and "mommy" whenever I'd come close. -.-; Kids these days... Back when I was his age, if I acted like a sissy, my uncle would tell me how the devil would come visit me that night and cut off my manhood (or boyhood at the time?). Kids these days.... Such greenhouse animals... Well so I went to our yearly holiday party last night and only one kid thought it was scary and the rest thought it was pretty cool. So, I hereby conclude that my fro ain't that scary to kids. =P Ah... Nothing more comforting than being recognized by prepubescent children as not being scary... I score!

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