One of my clueless attitudes toward life is that I only do what's fun. "But, you can't just do things that are fun you rotten spoiled idiot", you protest. Well, not entirely true. If I get put into a situation and I never really had much voice in choosing what's fun for me, then I simply have to try and use whatever number of brain cells that are left in my measly grey matter and make the experience fun. Once you make it fun, you actually want to do it (perhaps over and over again) and the overall experience becomes a joy and not a drag. At the very least, it'll help you get it over with in a more plesant manner even if you have no intention of repeating the experience.^^

Now, I do have to admit that I haven't yet been able to make everything I do fun, but I think 90% of what I do is fun and fascinating. So you're wondering why the hell I bring this up today... if my intention is to obnoxiously brag about the naive attitude I seem to sport. Well, sorta... I guess it's kind of a self-congratulatory entry, this one. ;) Ok, ok, lemme get to the chase. Thanks to recent development, I'm now happy to announce that more than 90% of what I do is fun and fascinating. There! There's the self-congratulatory part. So, now... how did I manage that, you might ask. *SMIRK* Well I managed to make vacuuming fun!

It used to be that I'd much rather be changing total strangers' babies' diapers than be vacuuming. Yes, even if were a post-number-2-affair. Until... I got an early birthday present from my parents... Ta-da! Behold the Dyson DC14. Yes, it's a friggin' expensive piece of equipment. I for one wouldn't have shelled out my own money to buy a vacuum cleaner of all things, let alone one that costs several hundred dollars. But, that's why we have birthdays, I guess (and 20% off bed bath and beyond coupons).

This thing sucks harder than Linda Lovelace with a pair of energizers up her ass. Awww, man... I just loooove watching the dust gather up in the dust chamber!! It gives me this false sense that I'm really achieving something great in life, you know what I mean? I've used it for 2 weekends in a row (previously unheard of frequency in this single guy's household), and I'm absolutely having a blast vacuuming my place! I mean, the thing actually sucks (as in, it sucks less at sucking more and better than other suckers, if you follow) and its got its fair share of features that make vacuuming in general, well, fun!

Now, if I could only find out how to make dish washing fun... Hmmm.... Thoughts, anyone?

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