I must be getting old, cuz I've been getting questions from soon-to-be-graduating college seniors on rather mature subjects like "making the right career choice", "planning for the future", etc... Well, I've been working in "the industry" for a few years now so I guess people could have been falsey lead to believe that I have some sort of a clue. I'd hate to break it to you, but I have absolutely none. ^^; I'm mos definitely not qualified to give out serious advice on such important topics. I suppose I could refer you to others who seem to think they have a clue, but that ain't gon be me.

The problem is, no matter how hard I try to tell them this, they refuse to believe. Grrrr... -.-; So just to shut'em up I decided to share four simple-mindedd philosophies I live by.

If you're interested in something, become good at it. If you're not having fun getting good at it, ditch it. If you get good at it and it's not much fun, also ditch it. If you get good at it and it's fun, put the bastard in a headlock and don't let go. That's it! They're probably garbage, but I just don't know any better. Ha Ha! ^0^

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