Man, I'm tired... Just got back from the garage after switching my summer tires out for my stock all-seasons. I didn't want to put it off any further cuz I was afraid that it was gonna snow any day now, and then I'm gonna be screwed... Now it just has to snow real hard, so that I can pat myself on the back for the hard work paying off! I suppose it would be even more fun if I got to laugh my head off at some lazy owners of RWD cars who still had their summer tires on... Nah... That'd be too evil...

Well, so I was gonna just go zonk out and call it a night, but seeing that the "winter time" has kicked in and all, I almost felt obligated to spend this gift of time to at least put up a mindless post for the sake of recap. So lemme get that out of my system before I go fishing for some Z's.

Let's see... Well, this past few weeks have been quite hectic, I must say, and I'm really hoping that my trip to the city of angeles next weekend will detoxify my body of all the accumulated stress, cuz, brother, you know I could really use it. Oh yeah, I did go to the Mellon arena to attend my very first NBA game a few days ago. Sure, it was a pre-season game, but I had an awesome seat and some mighty talented players were there. I was also unknowingly surrounded by several Pittsburgh Steelers players (I had know idea who they were, but it soon became obvious as people started lining up for autographs). I also saw them after the game driving in their rolls royces on 20" chrome wheels... Man... Those.. those... supply-and-demand-curve-exploiting atheletes... damn the market economy... I'm such a hater... pu heh. Anyway, LeBron was pretty good, and there were some spectacular dunks to make my money's worth, so I was a happy man. I'm just eagerly counting the days till I hit the sun and order myself a 3x1 with fries "well done"... Just a few more days, babyyyyeeeeee!

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I've discovered a rather unscientific, yet surprisingly accurate way to measure how much at capacity I am mentally and physically. By that I mean when I'm at maximum capacity, it becomes practically impossible to take on any more projects or add any new regular or semi-regular activities into my life until the overall load reduces. I'm gonna call it the blog stale-o-meter. :) When you notice my blog drifting into a rather stale state, you've gotta suspect something's up. So given that I was not able to publish any of the drafts I have sitting in my blogger (and I have 10 of them sitting there in all its lengthy and unpublished glory) for nearly two months, I must say that that's telling me something.

I'm obviously far from perfect, but I don't think I'd be exaggerating when I say I lead a pretty disciplined life. The very fact that I have some discipline is what allows me to sustain a lifestyle where I can engage in various projects rooted in the arts and sciences while also actively learning new skills in those areas and still make time to socialize and entertain myself with regular/semi-regular leisure sporting events. So given the discipline I have, if I can't finish up and publish a draft of a single blog entry, that, to me, is a good indicator of how much mindshare I have left to go around: none. The good news is that the blog stale-o-meter does a pretty good job of alerting me that I've reached my limit, so that I never end up committing to any more and instead start further prioritizing with the future in mind. Well, I bet now you're wondering how the hell I managed to complete this blog entry... That my friend, is called structured procrastination. ;)

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