I've been swamped with getting stuff in place before I leave for vacation, so although I'm dying to get my other entries published I just haven't had time to put the finishing touches on them.... grrr... At any rate, this one just had to be posted today to capture the moment. :P

So I had my first (and hopefully the last) special points exam at the North Versailles Driver's Licensing Center. Although I protest that the first 3 points I got for passing a red light is completely unwarranted, I did speed to get pass the yellow, so I plead guilty. The second 3 points I got was for ignoring a stop sign. I did not ignore the stop sign, but I did travel at 0.1 mph through the stop sign, so I plead guilty. I know to never do it again. But, what has happened has happened and now I had to take this stupid exam... *SIGH* However, when I opened up the booklet they had sent me I discovered, to my surprise, that the booklet wasn't filled with simple questions like "Do you stop when you see a 'stop' sign?", they're actually more to do with defensive driving and quick tips on real-world situations with diagrams and such. I actually learned a few things from the booklet and it gave me an opportunity to think more about defensive driving, so I was actually quite happy! However, the problem is not about the exam itself, but what happened afterwards

When I took the exam today I was told that I got 2 wrong. So I wanted to know which ones I got wrong. Not because I'm a stereotypical over-achieving Asian dork, but honestly because I wanted to know what kind of misjudgements I had made in regards to safe driving practices. I mean, if I got a question wrong, then it could very well mean that I'll make that mistake out on the road, right? That can't be good! So I asked the guy who was monitoring the exam to see if I can find out which questions I got wrong and review the exam booklet, but he promptly refused. I certainly understand that he must monitor this exam who knows how many times a day, so it's reasonable that he just wanted me to get the hell out of the exam room so he could take a break or something (I was the last one in the room). However, for the interest of safe driving, I don't see how this can be justified. Perhaps it's not part of his job description to inform drivers of safe driving, but I had hoped that he would be more cooperative in educating me further in terms of safe driving practices by letting me review my own mistakes. Ah, the irony...

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Deja Vous! I'm back at Penn only this time I get to see Sun graduate from Penn Law. I drove over and it only took about 4hours and 50 minutes or so. That's counting the time it took me to stop for gas and have lunch, so it's not bad at all. Been trying to go around to get some good food into my system and to take lots of pictures. ^^ Congrats to all those gruaduating! Hope you get to pursue your passion and be happy with your life outside of college. =)

Oh, and I meant to publish bunch of the entries I have half-written over the past couple of weeks before I got here, but I fell asleep cold on my bed trying to solve a problem related to asynchoronous message queing and handling ( pu ha ha ha, I'm sure you care ). At any rate, so I guess I'll finish those entries up next weekend. :) Lots of stuff to get done before I leave for home on the 3rd of June! :) Ah... I need a break bad~~~ =D

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C-Spot was lame! It was the most uninspiring car driving experience I've had next to going to a dealership for a test drive. I don't think I'll ever go back until things change drastically in terms of how the event is run. I did find that the c320 sport coupe was actually more fun to drive than I had imagined. Too bad it looks as ugly as the Aztec (well, I guess that's a bit too extreme, but anyway). I finished the event by driving quite aggressively and getting my wristband confiscated. I felt like an old skool punk rocker complete with a goal to "Stick it to the man!". :P On the other hand, Mazda revitup was even better than last year with much more flexibility as to which clinics you can attend and how many times you can attend them. I learned more about throttle oversteer and how I can use it to prepare for straightways. Now that my heel-and-toe has gotten better I'm trying to master this as well, but it's really hard. ^^; Not to mention that it's unsafe to do it just anywhere on the road. Oh, well... Wish me luck! :)

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