Just got back from the obligatory post turkey day shopping! Well, sort of ^^; Since we really didn't buy much I guess it was more like an outing to feel the holiday season approaching ( cuz the shopping mall is really at the heart of holidays, ya know. ;) ). Cubbie and I went to BBB cuz I needed a few items for my kitchen and bathroom. Then we eye-shopped around Monroville Mall. On our way back we stopped by Toys R' Us where I got Cubs Final Fantasy Tactics for her Christmas present: a PS1 game she's been telling me how much she wanted to play again for god knows how long. :) Merry Christmas Jju! :)

So, I should recap the main event of the week which people like to call "Thanks Giving Dinner". I must say this Thanks giving was quite a unique one. I was talking to Pei online about our plans for thanks giving and he started bragging about how well he cooks and how many awesome dishes he will be cooking for dinner on Turkey day evening. I got extremely jealous, and, naturally, started salivating like a dog (You should've been there! He's Chinese, so he's got natural born street cred in the cooking dept.) . Well, so I decided that I will be cooking a feast this thanks giving evening as well! It'll be great to try and recrete the family mood with some good ol' fashioned roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-down-and-dirty type cooking. *grin* I pitched the idea to Cubbie and we picked two dishes off of iChef: Southwestern Chicken Wrap and Shrimp Caesar Salad. Before you hardcore turkey day celebrators cry foul over how I have produced a bastardized italian/mexican atmosphere for the holy day of thanks giving hear me out... Cubbie and I are still learning, so we needed something that involved just the right amount of cooking and an enormous sense of reward, and cooking the traditional turkey dinner seemed like a lot of work... C'mon~~ Where's your holiday spirit? Whatever you may think, we're proud of our accomplishments, I'll tell ya that! ;) You should have seen the clueless duo shopping at Giant Eagle looking for ingrdients like ground Cumin... ^^;

As you can see from the picture, the cooking was a huge success! The salad looked and tasted awesome!! The chicken wrap was also delicious! Quite proud of cubbie and myself!! ;) We totally pigged out while watching Finding Nemo on DVD. I was worried that the food may not be enough, but fortunately we were full by the time we finished the salad and were 3/4 way through the wraps. So in good ol' turkey day fashion we even had left-overs!!! Man! It doesn't get more thanks giving than that, ya know?? No meal would be complete without a good tea, of course, so I topped it off with a hot Jasmine tea while Cubs topped it off with chef Slim's special dessert dubbed "Soyful Peach Delight". Mmmmmmm~~ Ho ho ho~ Ah~ Tis truly the season to be jolly! Everyone rejoice! :D

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Man! "School of Rock" was an awesome movie... It brings back so many memories of highschool... I can draw lines between most of the events that happened in the movie to my actual experience. I guess all want-to-be-rockers stuck in school go through rather similar experiences. Ah~ Kinda comforting... ^^; Our band was the first rock band to have held a concert at the International School of Beijing, so we reserve some bragging rights, tho. ;) Man, looking back at it now, the school would most likely have opened up a huge can of whoop ass on us had they found out what was really going on with my afterschool activity. I mean there were barely any ISB students in it and we practiced in rooms that we really weren't allowed to... We were sneaking in through windows, using school facilties on weekends, etc... Since I was part of the Yearbook staff we actually had an entire 2 page spread in the official school Yearbook!! HA! :P Well, you get the idea... Although we didn't do anything along the lines of a criminal offense, as far as the strict guidelines of the holy ISB was concerned we were way out of bounds ^^;. They did find out at the end, but it was too late then ( They tried to stop our concert in the middle, but they failed! :P ). :P I won't say that the quality of our performance was top-notch, but we did try our very best, so that's what really counts. ;) Ah.... memories, memories... I could go on and on about the stories of our rock band, and there are so many of them, too. I wonder if ISB now has a rock band... No, not ones run by the school... I mean real rock bands with the desire to stick it to the man!! :D

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