Beijing is off the hook with SARS, and so my travel plan is back full circle: I'll be in Beijing from the 8th till the 25th ( I might return a lil earlier if I can, but as of now all flights are booked up ). I'm gonna take along like 10 books with me to Beijing and all I'll be doing there is reading, eating, sleeping. Well, ok, maybe I'll do a couple more things, but that'll be the gist of my activities. ^^;; Hopefully I'll come back with 10 extra pounds. :P

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Ok, this may disgust some of you, but for the sake of... uhm... whatever it may be, just bear with me for a bit. So it turns out that I've never really bothered to clean my A/C filter... for like 4 seasons... -.-;; My mom's surprised I haven't died of some kind of a respiratory disease... Well, just to be on the safe side I left a voicemail on my landlord's machine asking her how I should go about changing the filter cuz I didn't want to break the A/C... I got back home from work later that night and found a small piece of paper underneath my door that read:

  1. lift cover up
  2. remove filter
  3. clean filter
  4. put cover back on

I am an idiot.

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Got to watch The Hulk and I think it sucked. End of story. Ha Ha! We also got to watch 2 fast 2 furious before that and that was actually much more entertaining. I think the movie was better served without the muscle-bound overacting Vin Diesel. Tyrese was much more natural and funny. An awesome foil to that rigid cop dude, indeed. Although the sound effect used for gear shifts got a little too overboard after the 3846919th time, but the car sequences were much more exciting and realistic so I can forgive that minor complaint. That computer graphics sequence at the end of the movie was pretty kick ass, too. If the next generation of Initial D looks like that, that'd be awesome! Oh, yeah... Speaking of Initial D, apparently U.S. is importing the card game from Japan as well. Ah~ got enough dose of movie for the weekend. :D

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I was up in NYC over the weekend with Yunshik and Jaewoo. Man, driving in the city of New York sucks... Walking in the city of New York rocks, tho... :) It was a nice change of pace for a couple of days. I need that once in a while. Couldn't meet up with Darren, Tomo or Caroline while I was there. :( Hopefully I'll get another chance next time.

Man, how much I had wished to be walking on the streets of NYC with cubbie... Wished you were there. *SIGH* It's a lovely feeling to be able to walk the streets of time square or soho with your significant other, ya know... :) *prays it happens soon*

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Good lord... this is just wrong... How ridiculous to have 911 with this kinda attitude. I know for a fact that cops roaming around shadyside are only looking to score another car running a red light or speeding 5 miles above speed limit on a 25 miles zone...... sheesh... How pathetic is this??? Pittsburgh are you listening??? -.-;;;

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Spent pretty much all of the weekend in my apartment cuz I was sick... :( I did get tickets to the Tuesday night show at Rosebud featuring Arrested Development, tho... I love their songs, so I wasn't going to miss out on this one, uh uh. Since they're not very popular (they haven't done anything in the U.S. for quite some time), the tix were pretty cheap. ^^;;

Since I was trapped inside my apartment I got to watch a lot of movie... One of them being the Animatrix. I had preordered it from Bestbuy, and I got it for $14.99. :) Highly recommended! If you like anime, you'll like the Animatrix... It's good! I watched every single part of the DVD, and thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it. I especially liked the part where they interview each and every director and writer involved in the project... A glimpse into the minds of such creative souls, I must say... Very inspirational indeed. *SIGH* I have a long way to go, but I'll get there. :D

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I just called Seoul and found out that my mom had left and gone back home (Beijing) to see how things were holding up... Hmmm... I thougt I had told her to stay healthy... So thinking she would probably be home with her mask on I decided to give her a ring in Beijing... Guess what... She's out playing golf... Dang, that woman is a warrior... She probably thinks she's got the genes of Xena the warrior princess... Mad props, mom... Well I guess I'll talk to her tomorrow, but I'm currently in the process of trying to decide where to take my ass for 10 days of chillaxing... As of now Beijing is still not entirely out of the picture.. Northwest tells me I can change my travel plans up to 2 times without any penalty (how nice of them) so long as my new travel is completed by the 15th of December. My other option would be to change the itenirary to travel to some other place... If the fare is less than what I had paid for my round trip to China, I'll be getting the difference as a non-refundable travel voucher (which kinda sux, but I suppose I could use it next year)... Now, I really don't like the winter weather in Beijing, so I'm thinking of just changing the destination if I decide not to go to Beijing... As of now, Japan looks very tempting... I think the last time I was there George Harrison and Eric Clapton were on tour together. Well, I have a few friends there and my parens know someone there as well... It could be crate digging heaven for me, not to mention the fact that I can bring back some Initial D mangas... Hmmm... Lemme think for a bit..

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Grrr... I'm a lil bit pissed... So I went in for a state inspection today and found out that one of my clear side marker bulb was out... The bulb wasn't the only thing that was out... It had melted the inside of the clear lense cover as well... So in order for me to pass inspection I had to BUY a friggin amber colored side marker... I had the exact same one at home that I could have brought along with me just to pass inspection... Dammit... What a waste of $20... *GROAN*

On a brighter note, I got to see the 20th Anniversary GTi while I was there... They wouldn't let anyone drive it since they only had 2 in stock (it's just a lighter 1.8T GTi with 18" wheels, better tires and suspension, so driving it won't be very much of an eye opening experience for me) , but I did get to sit in it (whoop-dee-doo)... Although I'm not a huge fan of decorating the interior with shiny alumnium parts, some of the brushed aluminum parts were really nice... If I were to put some on my car I'd put the brushed aluminum door opener (not the handle bar) as well as the lock pin. One thing I really liked was the steering wheel. Man, that steering wheel feels really nice.. Has a really tight grip, and it's thicker than my 4 spoke... very sweet... Anyone want to get me the 3 spoke 20th anniversary steering wheel for my b-day? Expensive? Nah, the steering wheel isn't what's really expensive (although, it isn't cheap)... The fact that I need new air bag for the steering wheel is the killer. :D

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In case you haven' noticed, you're experiencing the newly revamped dJsLiM.COM. Yes, the visual design didn't change very much... From the visual design perspective it's not a full new release, but more like a mid-life cycle tweak, if you know what I mean. Believe it or not it took me 2 weekends to complete this new version, and there's a lot going on in the backend than you'd think ( or care, for that matter ). Hopefully all it means to you is faster loading pages, easier navigation and perhaps a better read. :) If you really care to know about what has changed, then head on over here for the entry dedicated on the changes made to this site. Enjoy!

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