Man... it's friggin snowing like crazy out there... Thank god I haven't switched to my summer tires yet. I swear we have this "day" every year here in Pittsburgh. It usually comes right after you've had a series of beautiful sunny days... then *BOOM* blizzard in your face... then *WHOOSH* it's gone... back to normal day. It's been pretty darn consistent, too. At least, once it does this you can be pretty certain that it won't repeat again after you get another series of beautiful sunny days. So, that probably means my Falken ST115 on 17" Oettinger RE's will be going on my dear Bora in a week or so... awwwww yeah!

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Went to see The Pianist at Manor Theatre with cubbie. Great movie... Simply said. It really doesn't seem like it tries very hard to make you cry or throw huge emotional catch phrases like other similar movies do, (It does show the brutal and inhumane nature of a war, however, pretty clearly), but as I was watching the credits go up I was just sitting there with teary eyes for reason I wasn't sure of... To be honest, I was kinda confused until the latter part of the movie as to what the fact that he's a pinaist had anything to do with his survival. I mean, he was lucky and well respected enough to have people helping him out, but I didn't think that really did the movie's title real justice. It was only towards the end that I realized why the movie has the right to be called "The Pianist". You just go watch it, I don't want to spoil anything. Like cubbie and I briefly talked about the movie on our way home and mentioned how she thinks that true artists can't be evil. I hope that's true... This world needs more artists.

UPDATE: On a related yet totally random note, did you know that Adrien Brody produces Hip Hop music on the sides, but restrained from listening to any music made past 1940 for the role of Szpilman???

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Awwww!!!! this is soooo cute. :) I got it from Jonlin's Xanga. Man, if I were to ever have a baby I just might want to raise them in Japan... ^^;;; Screw having them play the violin or chess.... Racing, DJing and hacking. That's all the skills you need. :) Kee hee.

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So, many people seemed to be concerned about the war that's going on... I, yet again, have the same attitude I've always had. People can go on their jolly way telling me how the war affects everyone and each and everyone should fight for what they belive. Yeah, that's true, and I don't agree with any war in its basic terms of killing people nor do I believe a hegemonic empire should ever be able to unilaterally decide the fate of another country. But, I'm not sure if I really believe anything related to this particular war enough to fight for or against it over my own mental health or at the expense of neglecting my beloved friends and family members. There are others who put world peace before their beloved friends and family. I'll let them worry about this. They'll do a much better job than I can ever do. I'm sorry I'm just not a man of such huge scale. I only wish the best for my friends and family, I really don't have time for the rest of the world. Right now I'm much more worried about my sick cubbie than world peace. Yes, I'm very short-sighted and ignorant. That's me. Why don't you kill me?

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With the temperature hovering over 55 degrees farenheit, the weather was sooooooo nice today! Well, it wasn't just today... It was yesterday as well.. ^^;; Cubbie and I went driving last night cruising through Oakland with our windows rolled down and our moon roof wide open with cranked up hard rock. (spring breeze and hard rock really goes together well) It was fun thinking back to my freshmen days with house parties and all. Never knew it was so much fun to just cruise through the neighborhood on a Saturday night, tho, heh heh.

Well, today after I finished cleaning up my apartment cubbie and I went to squirrel hill to get some bubble tea. We paid Barnes And Nobles a visit, then headed to Mountain Washington to catch a few snap shots of the beautiful weather. I got up there and noticed a speed limit sign and at the same time saw the cloud moving, so I took the shot to the left with the caption "Fearless" in mind (Kinda like how the cloud marches on without giving a shit about the speed limit. Blah.. whatever...^^;; Ahhh... Spring hath finally arrived. :D

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I hate to sound like your parent, but kids... gimme a break... I've lived in Pittsburgh for 7 years without a car and had absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Sure, there were tough times, but at my age that's more than normal. The bus system here is pretty damn good for what you need. Now that CMU even provides you with free bus passes, you should really be grateful for the unlimited bus riding (yeah, I know you pay for it) you get. It's cold? Ok, if you have a medical condition or you're over 50 years old I'll understand, but if not just suck it up! If you can't then get a driver's license, become financially independent and allow yourself to be able to afford a car. Stop being babies already... sheesh

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