Ok... so if you can't afford wheels, tires, or other modifications to your car... you can get a somewhat similar sensation by modifying your mini cars... *SIGH*

On a totally unrelated note (kee hee), wouldn't you want your girlfriend to be wearing this when you come home from work??? ^^ nya ha~

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A movie called Fear.com is slated to open on the 9th of August in Corea, but it won't open until the 30th here in the U.S. From the plot summary it seems as if it's a slight (just slightly) rip off of The Ring which, interestingly enough, is being remade by Dreamworks for the U.S. audience slated for an October release (We'll see how that one goes as well...).

I'm not sure why they're pitching the fact that the guy who directed House on Haunted Hills is directing Fear.com, cuz I thought that movie sucked. I rented it out on DVD and it still wasn't worth the money... At any rate, given the scarce amount of good (actually, not even one) horror movies this season I just might have to look forward to this one... I love horror movies... *SMIRK*

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Joke of the day!

A city boy, Kenny, moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

The next day the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The donkey died."

Kenny replied, "Well then, just give me my money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."
Kenny said, "OK then, at least give me the donkey."

The farmer asked, "What ya gonna do with him?"

Kenny, "I'm going to raffle him off."

Farmer, "You can't raffle off a dead donkey!"

Kenny, "Sure I can. Watch me. I just won't tell anybody he is dead."

A month later the farmer met up with Kenny and asked, "What happened with that dead donkey?"

Kenny, "I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at two dollars a piece and made a profit of $898."

Farmer, "Didn't anyone complain?"

Kenny, "Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two dollars back."

Kenny grew up and eventually became the chairman of Enron!

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I'm gonna visit Joo for a couple of days in ShangHai while I'm visiting my parents in Beijing. Just been browsing around for some discount hotel deals here, here, here, and here. Since I'm only going to be staying Sun and Mon, they don't look too bad. Plus I just got a price quote of around $120 for a round trip tix from Beijing to Shanghai which is pretty decent as well. Miss you lots noons!!!

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I am not the nicest person you'll ever meet. I'm straightforward when it comes to what I have to say. I piss people off if they're not ready to hear the truth. I get annoyed at lazy people, people who don't know how to manage their time and kids who are simply immature. To top all that I don't change. I may grow up and mature (hopefully), but the basic personality that I have has not, does not, and will not change. I have a handful of best friends who knows me as I am and are able to accept me as I am. I've also met gazillion others throughout my life who just couldn't take it. I've always lived my life that way and that's the reason the handful of best friends I have are who they are. If you're gonna come up to me and tell me to change my personality because "it's for my own good", then you should really look somewhere else. There's very little chance (let's just say no chance) of me changing for you. Change only happens from within. In other words, I have to decide to change myself. Nobody can't change me. If you can't accept me for who I am then we're just not meant for each other. Plain and simple. I, too, point out to my friends if I sense a part of their personality that prevents me from getting closer to him/her, but I won't expect him/her to change for me. I just share my thoughts without any expectation.

Same thing is true for non-platonic relationships. I will try and accept you as who you are. I will not ask you to change for me, cuz I think that's the most unrealistic expectation one can have of your partner. I HAVE to be able to do that in order for the relationship to go on. If I realize that I can't, then it's over; We're just not meant for each other. I simply won't feel comfortable with anybody whom I can't accept for who they are. I may be able to share my thoughts, but I simply will not expect that to have an impact. My attitude towards relationship is based on 0 expectation. Given the 0 expectation I have for a relationship I'll be able to feel for myself whether or not it's going to work out. If both parties have 0 expectation from one another, compromising comes naturally and the point at which one cannot compromise further also becomes very clear. If you're even remotely considering spending the rest of your life with this person, you better seriously give that some thought.

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People have different definitions of who they consider "best friends" (I find it interesting how the adjective 'best' can be associated with a plural noun, but I digress...) My goal in life isn't to be everyone's best friend or to be liked by the masses. I want to love and be loved by just a handful of people I consider to be true friends. That's more than good enough for me to call my life an above-satisfactory one. When I say "true" friends I don't mean somebody who'd lend me lots of money when I'm dead broke and about to declare bankruptcy (That's a whole another entry). Nor do I mean somebody who'd go the extra distance to take vengeance for me. Those things mean jack shit to me. As a matter of fact if your definition of friendship includes the previous two then maybe you should give it some real thoght about what friendship really is. For me friendship is having somebody who can listen to you without prejudice, who can be critical yet always understanding and whom you can trust... In other words, they have pledged to be on your side no matter what. When those "conditions" are met then and only then can I feel comfortable with that person. And being absolutely comfortable with somebody is a fundamental element of friendship to me. Friends, I am forever grateful to have you be a part of my life.

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I totally forgot to mention this awesome thing I bought a few days ago... It's the Old Navy Tech Sling (dark gray). It was $12.50. Sam says the one I have has an extra pouch... guess that's why it's $2.50 more expensive than his??? At any rate, I love this bag... very comfortable and everything is very accessible. I've been just so happy with the bag... Just ask Moon how obnoxious I could be about this bag... kee hee.

Speaking of Moon... her flight got cancelled today so she's leaving tomorrow morning. Man.. It was soooo good to see you again and just hang... You got so weak, tho. Pu ha ha ha. Half a bottle of Tequilla??? :P Hope you had a good time! Oh, and you better go and convince the rest of our good ol' crowd to come visit me!! ^^ I'm gonna miss you girl!! And, uhm... STOP CALLING ME CHAN!!!! argh....

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Uhm... Spirit of Hemp... never knew such beer existed... A great vinyl advertisement banner for it with the "goods" that come from the root. ;)

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Moon, a very good friend of mine from Highschool is here and we've been just hitting up various places in the burgh over the weekend. One of them being the Hip Hop Olympics hosted by Sodda Pop where there was a little bit of contraversy between our very own Jim "Brown Hornet" Gibbs and Sodda Pop himself. We also attended the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. It was pretty cool. Not exactly WaterFest... but cool nonetheless. :) Lots of loud Porsches... Mustang Saleens... RX7s, Miatas, (Hey Pei, there was even a prelude. :P), lots of vintage Austin Healeys, and the entire generation of corvettes... No GTIs, Sciroccos or Corrados, tho!!!! How sad.... kee hee.

Last night Sam, Pam, me and my friend Moon went up Mt. Washington for the incline, and I was on 2nd gear going up. The car in front of me was going slow so I wasn't accelerating that much. It came to a point that I was going so slow that I had my foot to the pedal and Bora wasn't accelerating. I was hesistant to switch into 1st gear, but I really should have.... I was worried that if it doesn't go into 1st than I'd have to double clutch and all that stuff going on at the same time might take too long for a rookie like moi... So basically I had to stop in the middle of climbing up... -.-;;; *SIGH*. Starting from stop on that hill is no fun. I'm gonna really have to practice double clutching next weekend just in case I get into situations like that again.

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It's the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix weekend, and the vintage race is this Sunday. I'll be there babyeee!!

Peichung was getting off on these sweeet pix of the SL300 like this, this, and this... and this Jaguar E-Type... I can only hope they'll have one at this year's event.

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My lame buddy Peichung sends me an IM the moment he gets to work.... what is it? a link to our dear ol' Mina "Miss Worldcup" Shin's photos... Ha ha ha ha! Ok, so lemme share this with you guys.

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I never liked the way Saab looks... ok, maybe... just may----be the convertible.. but the hatchback design?? It just had to go... but all ye behold the return of the 9-3... Though I'd still probably buy a beamer for that money. :P God I just love sports sedans... Subaru WRX, 2003 Mazda MP3... All kicking cars... Gotta spice up my Bora!!! :P

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Made a quantum leap forward in my cooking ability. I recently learned how to make Pasta from Pam. I don't care how easy you guys think it's to make pasta. :P Also, I made boiled chicken last night with just chicken breast, garlic powder, salt and pepper (of course I added some Korean red pepper spice in the end for that added Corean taste... kee hee). It's good!!!! Heh heh. No, I don't enjoy cooking. I personally prefer quantity over quality, but hey... at least I can say I know how to cook more than chicken breast. pu heh heh. :)

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Peichung AIMed me the development on the case involving the death of the two Corean girls back in June 13th. I guess more drama between the U.S. and South Corea... Though protesting the U.S. to leave our country without any concrete plans on how we'll survive without them leaves much to be desired from our supposed to be smart college kids, I hope those two soldiers get prosecuted and receive the punishment they deserve.

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Here are some simple answers for you. If you're a girl/guy and your guy/girl cheats on you? leave him. If you're a girl/guy and your guy/girl even attempts to hit you or abuse you in any way (even pushing you or VERBALLY abusing you is bad enough)? leave him/her. Plain and simple, really. I'm telling you.. just cuz statistics show that half the on-going relationships include abusive partners or partners who cheat, DOES NOT mean you should become part of the statistic. Be aware of the symptoms, people!

And to those offenders who've committed such heinous acts against your partners... You should be shamed of yourselves. I don't know what your parents did when you were growing up, but simply cuz your surroundings taught you that way doesn't give you the right to carry on the tradition in the society at large. You people make me sick. Don't even TRY to convince me that you can justify those kind of behaviors.

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Ok, I have never watched a single episode of South Park, but this is some pretty fun stuff. ;) pu heh heh. You can generate your own South Park character!

This is not as funny, but has more options for you to play around with. You can generate your own Lego character.

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Just washed my car. But, didn't get to wax it... I remember reading somewhere that I shouldn't apply wax or other trim dressing on hot surfaces... The problem was that it was a pretty hot day, and I couldn't use the water tap at Sam's place cuz it wasn't working... I'm thinking it might have somethig to do with the tap being shut from the inside... so I'm gonna wait till Sam gets back and turns on the tap. So I basically washed the car, dried it, and wiped the glasses. I also vaccumed the interior as well and wiped the dash clean. I also got my tire patched up at Pepboys. Apparently the tire had a nail in it... dang... Friggin nails on the road... kill'em all.... -.-;; So I put the tire back in and things are all~ good. :)

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Found this page on shifting techniques. Plenty of stuff for me to swallow...... -.-;; I've been practicing simple downshifting around corners without the heel and toe and I'm still having trouble doing a smooth rev-match for the turn... dang, I have such a long way to go.. I've been very nice with my car in general though... I try not to let the RPM go over 3000... I have about 350 miles now... hopefully I'll reach 1000 by the end of this month. Before I leave for Beijing next month I'm gonna have to get a new tire, debadge and install the 20V Turbo badge, get the rear fender fixed up and put it in the dealer for just a quick checkup.

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What a day... Got lost while trying to get to Mav's place for his 4th of July BBQ party... Then I got a flat tire... Yup.. Yup... Bora got her first flat tire today... I have no friggin clue why it did...I was parked on the side of a local street waiting for Mav and when he arrived I started to move... and I heard a loud noise and the car trembled as it moved... I was like... WTF? This better be covered by warranty... jumped out and saw my flat front tire..... crap.... Not only that, but while Mav and I were changing the tire, the car rolled slightly backward even with my side breaks and it stepped on Mav's toe!!!!!! F!#$!!!! I got on and moved the car, but instead of engaging first gear I panicked and engaged on reverse and although Mav got his toe out, the tire probably ran over it for a second... I'm sooooooooo sorry Mav!!!! Are you SURE you're okay?

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If you're bored, you can always try mastering the art of pen spinning. Now get to work! Don't tell me you're bored until you master the Single Axel Faked Reverse and the Harmonic moves. :P

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June 30th 2002 my life took a sharp turn towards the sun...

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