Woke up this morning and got online for a brief moment to check my e-mail and my friend studying in Germany notified me of a terrible news... Apparently, Nam June Paik passed away last night... Certainly an inspiration to all aspiring Corean artists of all kind, and one who has undoudtedly touched souls on an international level. I was introduced to his work in college by a friend. Unfortunately, at that point I didn't have much interest in such things like art. Then by coincidence I was attending my friend's graduation at RPI in 1998 where he was receiving his honorary doctorate degree. At that point he had already been paralyzed and on wheel chair. Anyone interested in exploring new mediums of expression, be it aural, visual, etc... there's much to be learned from his works... An inspiration to me on a personal level, no doubt. 고인의 명복을 빕니다...

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